Hara Clark

Syria: Story of a Conflict

Syria: Story of a Conflict
Imperial War Museum,


Syria: Story of a Conflict
Imperial War Museum, London 2017

Hara Clark worked with the IWM team to create this temporary exhibition aiming to give balanced and objective introduction to the complex conflict in Syria, which began in 2011. Created in a short timescale and responded to the ongoing events in the region and explores the causes and effects of this bitter conflict through a collection of objects, personal stories and an installation film experience.

The intimate gallery was divided by an imposing wall structure, composed of open boxes recalling the residential buildings of Aleppo, bombed and broken by the conflict. The wall contained objects collected to represent the different sides of the conflict from a child’s life-vest to a bullet-damaged Aleppo street sign. Beyond the wall a multilayer AV installation explained the complexity of the war and factions involved. The symbolic graphic motif of a traditional Islamic pattern, broken apart and Damask pinks were used throughout.

Client: Imperial War Museum
Exhibition Design: Hara Clark
Graphic Design: IWM
Audio Visual: Liminal
Contractor: IWM

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