Hara Clark

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Royal Observatory, Greenwich


Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Gallery
Royal Observatory,  2015

Hara Clark designed the new gallery for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Displaying the most beautiful and spectacular visions of the cosmos by astrophotographers worldwide it is updated each year for the annual competition.

The brief called for a solution to redisplay the winning entries in a small internal gallery that also serves as an access route to the planetarium. The project schedule required a fast-track approach and was designed, procured and installed in 4 months.

We developed a system using bespoke square light-panels which are fixed off the wall structure on varying length brackets to create a layering of depth. The images are grouped as competition categories, forming clusters or nebulae against a dark background like they are floating in space and make the small gallery feel more expansive. The system allows the panels to be easily reconfigured for subsequent shows and was extended to wayfinding and signage.



Client: Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Exhibition Design: Hara Clark
Graphic Design: Studio Scamps
Lighting Design: David Atkinson
Light Panel: MJ Lighting
Contractor: TMP

Photograph credit: RMG / Hara Clark Ltd / Shaun Campbell